The Kathleen Mullady Theatre at Loyola University

This beautiful facility is located along Lake Michigan at Loyola University. We couldn’t think of a better place to inspire & spur growth.

Where should you stay?

We will be updating with local hotel information soon. Loyola University is located along the Red Line L-Train route.

We recommend:

Hampton Inn$139
Located very close to Loyola University. Offers a complimentary breakfast. Attendees can now call Hampton Inn central reservations (1-800-426-7866) to book a room. Be sure to inform them the name of the room block is “Explorer Tattoo Conference” This will help the reservations agent look up the group block. You can also be futuristic & use the internet if you would like. Use this link for booking at the Hampton Inn. Click here.
Stay Along the Red Line$$
Loyola is a stop on Chicago’s L-Train via the Red Line. The closest stops to Loyola are Morse & Jarvis to the north. Granville & Thorndale are the stops to the south. Granville & Thorndale are closer to downtown Chicago than the northern stops.