“Thank you Explorer Tattoo Conference for the amazing amount of kindness, welcoming faces, and motivation you provided. I was so nervous to go, since I’m still apprenticing, but the amount of information I learned, in just three short days, is absolutely priceless. I met some amazing people I hope to call friends and made some amazing connections that have allowed me to really feel part of this amazing community.”  Torey Hamlin, Apprentice, Illustrated Studios, Rome, NY

“It’s been a great experience. This has been an incredible learning experience and anyone who was on the fence about going, you fucked up. Go if you have a chance. Don’t hesitate. I’ve gotten to start and continue a few projects since I’ve gotten back from the Explorer Tattoo Conference. I never thought an evolution would come out of buying my ticket , but I’m glad it has.”  Sammy Hayden, Legacy Arts Tattoo, Dallas, TX

“It was a great learning experience for me and my crew at Oddity. I believe it’s gatherings like this that will help deter people from tattoo schools. I remember when most of this industry were assholes quite frankly, especially if you taught yourself how to draw or painted or if you were a new school artist. I was all three. So it was great to see a group of open people trying to make tattoos better. I took note of how the reigning artists of the last decade have not been driven by fear or insecurity and damnit if they are not just the nicest people. Even though they are all very different as artists they all want the same thing; People to make the best tattoos they can and to not over extended your workload. I came at this conference with a lot of anxiety from previous experiences dealing with people I admire. I’m really glad I went and pushed through my level of comfort. I’m grateful to learn from these artists and I look forward to the next one.”  Travis Franklin, Oddity Tattoo & Hive Caps, Sarasota FL

“My brain is so tired, but so worth it. I came out here a shy loner and left with tons of new friends. Thanks to everyone that shared the love and knowledge. You made us all better.”  Mike Ronquillo, Collective Ink gallery, Orange County, CA

“The past three days at the Explorer Tattoo Conference have been a real eye opener. Thank you to all the presenters who prepared awesome seminars and had the balls to go up and teach everyone. So much new knowledge to process.”  Lindsay Baker, NiteOwl Tattoo

“These past few days were the shit. I picked up a lot of new tricks I can’t wait to apply to my work. I’m super stoked I got to meet a ton of new artists with the same willingness to learn and move forward. A big thanks to everyone involved with this conference and to anyone who took the time to talk to me, it really means a lot.”  Ken Tackash, Raygun Samurai, Bethlehem, PA

“Wow! What an amazing and intense 3 days this has been! It’s incredible to see so many people that are passionate about tattooing coming together in one place to grow together. My mind has been packed full, I’m exhausted, and I’m incredibly inspired. I’ll be headed back home soon to try to apply as much as I can to my new tattoos.”  Shanti Cameron, Third Eye Gallery, Dallas, TX

“Hearing these amazing artists speak about art and tattooing over the last three days in Washington D.C. has been incredibly eye opening. I’m so excited to take what I have learned and apply it in my artwork and can honestly say I am hungrier for progress now than I have ever been. Thank you all for putting this on, and I can’t wait for the next one! Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had to learn, connect, and grow as an artist. Cheers to all the new friends.”  Trevor Burtz, Missing Link Tattoo, San Clemente, CA

“The Explorer Tattoo Conference was a life changer. Super motivated and inspired to draw, tattoo, and get shit done. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and all the hard work that went into this.”  Robin Cass, Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, Chicago IL

“Holy damn it was such an amazing 3 days at The Explorer Tattoo Conference, I learned more then my brain could handle and met so so many amazing artists as well. So thankful for this entire experience and excited to begin slowly implementing what I learned. Very blessed.”  David Bel, Sacred Tattoo, Marquette MI

“As a Tattooer, all I can say is invest in yourself. It’s worth it! The past few days I attended the first Explorer Tattoo Conference to further my knowledge and network myself. It was an eye opening experience, so many incredible seminars and so much stuff to help build myself to being a better artist. One of the best experiences in my tattoo career! It was great meeting everyone, and all the other artists that I met as well!”  Tony Colon, Black Mass Tattoo Austin TX

“What an amazing and mind blowing three days! Seriously the best money I’ve spent on my career to date.”  Erika Studio Artease Tatouage, Montreal, Canada

“This was such a flattering experience to be involved with such an amazing group of artists as well as a crowd that was proactively trying to advance in their careers . Thank you so much to all the people that had kind words and listened to us speak. Thank you to the organizers who made it a comfortable experience and setting.”  Nathan Evans, Kiljoy Tattoo, Talmadge OH

“The Explorer Tattoo Conference was a total success. It was super awesome to see a lot old friends, make some new ones, network, hangout, share ideas and knowledge. I definitely learned a few new things, some new ideas to ponder over, and application techniques I can’t wait to apply to future tattoos.”  Joshua Ross, Raygun Samurai, PA

“I had such a blast at The Explorer Tattoo Conference these past few days. It was an amazing experience and I’m truly grateful to be part of an industry where so many people are dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge with the goal of growing together and just making dope ass art.”  Merv Heiner, Black Lotus Gallery, Hanover, MD

“So bummed for ETC to be over as I have learned SO MUCH over these last couple days and met so many amazing artists! I head back to Tennessee so full of inspiration and a whole new approach to my work!”  Emily Walker, Born This Way Bodyarts, Knoxville, TN

“I cannot even begin to describe how amazing an experience The Explorer Tattoo Conference was! It reaffirmed so many things that I believe about tattooing, refreshed me on some of my art fundamentals that I wasn’t consciously thinking about anymore, and added so many new tricks to my bag! I am so grateful to have been able to have this experience and I can’t wait to put some of the knowledge I gained to use. This conference changed every aspect of how I think about composing my images. Thank you for putting this amazing experience together.”  Killian Bundy, Black Water Tattoo, Sterling VA

“Had a blast the last 3 days at The Explorer Tattoo Conference. I haven’t ever done any seminars or anything along those lines because I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it but this was an incredible experience. It was so inspiring and educational. You guys put on a hell of a conference! To any other tattooers out there who haven’t ever done anything like this, Dan Pemble said it best when he said to invest in yourself. I came in expecting to be inspired and learn but I didn’t think it would be on this scale. I can’t wait to get back home and implement all of the things I learned this weekend into the tattoos I do.”  Daniel Hughes, Sacred Tattoo, Marquette MI

“I learned so much and and have a multitude of new information to take home with me. What an incredible time of learning, seeing old friends, and meeting so many new ones.”  Cody Eich, Time Will Tell, Burlington, ON

“Honestly I had one of the best times this week in my career as a tattooer. The fact that there are other artist that are willing to take their time to teach and educate others is beyond a humbling experience. It has opened a whole new world of motivation and inspiration for me. There is always something to be learned from someone. Even if that’s tattooing, painting, drawing or interior design. If their willing to take their time. share their stories, struggle and advice with you, be open minded and listen. I bet you will find one or many from of personal growth from it. You can NEVER have enough knowledge or education. Thank you for sharing your knowledge your stories and your especially your time. I’m also beyond grateful that was able to see old friends and meet tons of new ones. So don’t miss out on the next one! This is an experience that will be with me forever.” Squire Strahan, Trilogy Tattoo, FL

“I’m so glad I took the chance to go to The Explorer Tattoo Conference. I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this to learn, refocus and evaluate the direction in which my work and life are heading. This whole conference was the real deal and exactly what I needed. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting yourself out there and giving honest, legitimate education to your peers. It was a great experience to experience a high level dialogue such as this, with the goal of mutual advancement. It was refreshing to have great, positive, deep conversations with everyone. I’m returning to Tampa armed with some new knowledge, driven, and ready to hit the ground running. I will definitely do this again.”  David Bruehl, Redletter1, Tampa, FL

“I can’t say enough great things about the explorer tattoo conference. Thanks so much to all the presenters and the artists who came out. It was unreal.”  Timmy B, NiteOwl Tattoo